1. Grace Praml Answer

    I found that guy: I will write your spec screenplay, festival short film or TV pilot ( $875 )

    So, you've got this great idea for a Film or Pilot. Now what?

    You could go Han-Solo and binge on screenwriting tutorials, hoping that your FinalDraft trial doesn't expire before sending it off to your neighbor's wife's step-uncle-in-law who happens to work part-time on a back lot at Universal.

    Or you could just hire a professional.

    I am a professional Dramaturg and former Casting Director for the award-winning San Diego Repertory Theatre whose professional affiliations include AEA, SAFD and LMDA. 

    I hold an MFA in Dramaturgy and Literary Management from the State University of New York and a BA in Theatre from the University of South Florida.

    I will craft your unique idea into a:

    • 30-minute short film (Academy/Tribeca qualified)
    • 50-minute short film (Sundance/New York Film Festival qualified)
    • Full-Length Feature Film

    Prefer flat screens over the Silver Screen? No problem! TV Pilots (30 and 60 minutes) are also available upon request.

    I collaborate directly with each of my clients through Skype to ensure that their concept/vision is professionally developed and presented. 

    Feel free to Message me anytime, I would be happy to discuss your project in depth!
    1. Grace Praml

      No, not really. The document is extremely useful for Directors and Actors in both production and pre-production phases. In addition, this comprehensive research document is helpful in conveying a script’s vision and potential to producers, studio execs and/or potential individual investors.

    1. Grace Praml

      A featured document which contains the following: Historical, Cultural & Social Background in the world and period of the script, a Production History of similar productions, a Critical Analysis of the Script’s Structure, Character, Plot and Dialogue & Comprehensive Bibliography of Materials.

    1. Grace Praml

      Prior to undertaking the project, we will negotiate terms for a Writer’s Agreement which stipulates credit/residuals/percentages (if applicable).

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