1. Britni Mallon Answer

    I found that guy: I will rock your google adwords campaign ( $395 )

    I'm a Pro Fiverr seller with experience of more than 8 years in online marketing. I've been VP of a company which provides online marketing in the US and Canada. I have managed 10 employees, and today I have my own online marketing firm.

    Google AdWords campaign can bring great results if managed properly, small changes make big changes in ROI. (return on investment).

    Our Services Include:

    • Keywords Research
    • Campaign Creation
    • Ads Creation
    • Ads Groups Creation
    • Extensions Creation
    • CTR Optimization

    How the process work?

    We make initial call for discussing the campaign, its goals and current status. You provide us access to AdWords account and we start campaign creation and optimization.


    • Campaign Performance Report
    • Summary of Actions done by us
    • Month Summary Call
    1. Britni Mallon

      Each package is suitable for a different size of budget: AdWords Pro – good up to $400 budget. AdWords Ace – good up to $4000. AdWords Hero – good up to $20,000.

    1. Britni Mallon

      CTR(click through rate) is the number of visitors clicking on your ad per number of impressions. A higher CTR usually brings to better performance of the campaign.

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