1. Lyman Weikert Answer

    I found that guy: I will rock your local SEO traffic and leads ( $295 )

    I have 8 years of SEO experience, and I've been VP of a company which does search engine optimization in the US and Canada. I have managed 10 employees, and today I have my own SEO firm. 

    I offer to be your local SEO agent. My experience of being 1st on local results depends on the mix of On-Page factors and Off-Page factors.

    • ON-Page - Titles, H1's, Schema, Contact Page and other Search Engine Optimization Elements (for example speed of site)
    • Off-Page - Citations, NAP consistency, Authority Links, Reviews

    We are working on the whole strategy and not just taking one element (such as citations) and concentrating on it.

    What do the packages include?

    • Local Pro Package - Audit - 30 citations - 2 authority links
      The local SEO audit will include all the On-Page elements above. 
    • Local Ace Package - Audit - 50 citations - 3 authority links - NAP consistency - CRO
      NAP consistency report and fix of 10 citations. CRO – we'll analyze your site conversion rate on mobile.
    • Local Hero Package - Audit - 100 citations - 4 authority links - NAP consistency - Local Leads Boost

    The local leads boost relies on our special abilities to bring in high-quality local leads. 

    1. Lyman Weikert

      It depends on the competition level, we can see changes in local SEO in a month but sometimes it’ll take a few months to get the full effect.

    1. Lyman Weikert

      It depends on the level of competition and how much fast you need results. If you have doubts about it, feel free to contact us and we’ll find the right package for you.

    1. Lyman Weikert

      We have experience of 100’s of local site’s ranked, we know how to bring results and what are the important factors for local SEO.

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