1. Julius Wolman Answer

    I found that guy: I will set up your adwords campaign ( $275 )

    I'm Gil, and I will set up your AdWords campaign to maximize your online sales!

    My wife and I founded a boutique AdWords agency called Discosloth, and we're a certified Google Partner. We've helped clients like Volvo, MSF, Tyson, and others see incredible results. We're certified with Google AdWords, Analytics, Mobile Sites, and more.

    I'll review your existing performance and analytics, do keyword research, set up your campaign, choose the best targeting, add negative keywords, and ad extensions. All gigs include 2 weeks of management in order to optimize your campaign.


    - Basic analysis of existing traffic using Google Analytics
    - Landing page analysis
    - Setup structure report
    - Performance report

    Campaign Setup

    - Account Setup
    - Keyword Research
    - Bidding & Budget Suggestions
    - Ad copy & extensions


    - Conversion optimization to make sure your ads convert into sales
    - Continual management and campaign optimization
    - Quality Score optimization

    Before ordering, please contact me first so I can make sure we're the right fit for each other!

    Want something tailored to your needs? Contact me for a custom offer!
    1. Julius Wolman

      No! If it’s not something you’d share with your grandma, I won’t work with it. If you think your niche is questionable (pharmaceuticals, gambling, indecent content) then please ask before you order.

    1. Julius Wolman

      During setup, I’ll work with you to find the perfect budget for your campaign. I always recommend starting with a budget and scaling up.

    1. Julius Wolman

      We support English and Russian natively. We can’t set up campaigns in other languages (my German is terrible).

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