1. Ramonita Woodington Answer

    I found that guy: I will setup and manage your small business google ads campaigns ( $150 )

    Fiverr Verified Pro's & Top Rated Sellers - we have managed over $6MM in yearly advertising budgets for small to Fortune 500 clients.

    Adwords is the absolute first point of contact your potential customers have with your business when searching Google, so it must be done just right. Tragic is the business that has an amazing product or service that cannot be found.

    Included in all packages:

    Account & campaign structure
    Geo-location targeting
    Keyword research
    Negative keyword research
    Ad copywriting
    Ad extensions
    Budget & bidding setup
    Audience targeting
    & more.

    For companies, with one to two service/products, looking to setup search, call-only, display campaigns to drive new leads to their website. Examples: A/C Repair in Phoenix, Real Estate in Boca Raton, etc.

    Full campaign setup including two weeks of optimization. This package does not include any consulting or reporting time.

    Full campaign setup including one month of optimization.

    PLEASE read the F.A.Q. for more information about us & answers to common questions. We strongly recommend that you contact us before ordering to discuss your needs.
    1. Ramonita Woodington

      Yes. this is not all inclusive but is the majority of what I will not work on. 1) any account that violates or attempts to circumvent Google Adwords Policies 2) any account where the language is not English

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      Yes, you should have an account already set up along with your billing information added. If you are completely new to Adwords, we can set up an account for you.

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      Of course not, and neither can anyone else. A multitude of variables can affect overall performance. If you expect guarantees, please do not purchase this Gig

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      Optimization & management is capped at 45 minutes for the standard package and 90 minutes for the premium package. Need more time for consulting & questions? You may add time in 20-minute increments for $65 per.

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      Of course, if search or call-only ads don’t make sense for your business, we can discuss what your best options may be and pricing for different campaign types.

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      I link your account to my manager account via your 10-digit Client ID. I do not need any login or passwords and after I set up your account, my access can be terminated at any time.

    1. Ramonita Woodington

      For an additional upcharge ($50-$100), we can offer phone calls as a contact option during your management period.

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