1. Lavette Mccrystal Answer

    I found that guy: I will setup google tag manager

    Zima Media is truly your one-stop shop for audits, analytics, reporting, and ongoing management of your website's success.

    Stop wasting your money on unworthy data and invest in your website tracking solution to get business insights from your analytics that you can trust.

    We install your Google Analytics and Tag Manager for your domain. We also set up basic or advanced tag tracking on your website so you can measure events, business goals, and eCommerce conversions.

    What you get with this gig:

    • Google Analytics installation

    • Google Tag Manager installation

    • Custom tags to track your website events and business goals

    Contact us if you need help with the following:

    • Click tracking

    • Form submissions

    • Script installation

    • Enhanced eCommerce

    • Custom affiliate tracking

    • Custom Cookies

    • Cross-domain tracking

    • Custom metrics

    Available for: Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly.

    *Note: For custom platforms, please contact us before ordering this gig.

    Featured on: CNBC, Fiverr Blog, and Business Insider

    Read our outstanding reviews and find out why hundreds of clients like our services. Come work with us today!

    1. Lavette Mccrystal

      Custom events are advanced features that track exactly what you want. Google Analytics does not know a button CLICK is important to your website. Have experts like su set up tracking and turn it into a conversion GOAL.

    1. Lavette Mccrystal

      Hi, I’m Mike, an agency veteran doing SEO & PPC campaigns for a range of domestic and international clients. I have a BA in marketing from Columbia College. I develop campaign strategies, develop timelines, and make sure the communication goes smoothly across all our projects.

    1. Lavette Mccrystal

      Hi, I’m Damien, a Google and data-certified professional with an MBA in information technology. I conduct technology audits, provide consulting services, and implement data projects for businesses across varying industries. My services help increase your competitivity and overall performance.

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