1. Chantell Handshaw Answer

    I found that guy: I will shoot and style your products ( $180 )

    Please contact me prior to purchasing the gig to discuss shipping arrangements and personal preferences.

    I am a commercial still life and life style photographer with 7 years experience in this field and enjoy it very much. I shoot for big names such as Yoplait, Skippy, FILA, Redbull, Keds, Mike&Ike and more and also for local businesses like cafés and local designers.

    I studied art and photography 4 years in Minshar School Of Art where I developed my own style. I enjoy being creative with different materials, colors, props and different styles of lighting.

    To ensure you present your product in the optimal way to your customers it is always best to use a professional, I will make sure your vision is brought to life and make it look most desirable.

    Our work process:

    • Receive all the necessary information
    • Discuss your product needs
    • Conceptualise YOUR special look & feel
    • Agreeing on Time frames and project expectation
    • Shipping products to us (project starts once we receive your products).
    • Updating you during our shooting session
    • Products are shipped at your expense. 

    You will get the best quality of service and images! 
    1. Chantell Handshaw

      My years of experience and my capability of understanding what is the best way to present my customers product.

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