1. Eleanor Verga Answer

    I found that guy: I will shoot cosmetics, product photography with background ( $100 )

    What do I offer?

    With 18 years of experience as a New York based Photographer, I specialize in Cosmetics Photography and I have worked with top Brands such as: Calvin Klein, Clinique,  L’Oreal, Essie, Shiseido, Trestique, Lancome and many more. 

    I range from simple to complex creative Product Photography.
    I will work closely with you to uplift your brand identity and suit your conceptual needs.
    In this specific gig, You will receive one global idea for your product, whether it is one image or eight. For example, one background, one specific lightning direction and composition that suits your Brand.
    For specific projects including Art Direction, please contact. 

    Please contact me before ordering to discuss the creative and shipping arrangements.

    Work process

    • Discussing your business needs
    • Conceptualizing your look & feel 
    • Shipping products to one of my studios (NYC, TLV)
    • Starting production + Live feed of work process
    • Discussion & Approval 
    • Post production (retouching, photoshop, graphics, etc.)
    • Revisions 
    • Delivering 
    • Shipping back

    Didn't find what you are looking for?  Please drop me a line! 

    1. Eleanor Verga

      I was accepted to the exclusive Fiverr Pro program since I hold an extensive knowledge in product photography and 18 years of expertise in this field. I have worked with a wide range of well known brands worldwide and helped them to uplift their global and local brand identity.

    1. Eleanor Verga

      It depends on what is your business goal around this project and how many products you have in your line. Please contact me for more details.

    1. Eleanor Verga

      Yes, lets discuss the use cases of the images (print ad, build-board, e-commerce, social media, website, banners, etc.)

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