1. Gilma Englar Answer

    I found that guy: I will speed up your wordpress website to help with SEO ( $100 )

    Google has said that site speed is crucial to your SEO. With all else being equal, the faster loading site will simply rank higher then a slower site.

    About The Gig:

    With this gig, I will optimize your site speed using the following:

    • A compatible Caching plugin
    • Add Browser Caching (if your host allows it)
    • Minify CSS 
    • Minify Javascript 
    • Image Compression (I'll compress all images on your site for maximum speed)
    • I will provide you with before and after reports from GTMetrix.

    About Me:

    I have been a Wordpress developer since 2008. During that time I have installed, configured and supported thousands of Wordpress websites. I first became involved with Wordpress while working for a company called Blog Success. My role at Blog Success was to provide Wordpress support and training to the 400+ users of the site. This experience gave me a huge amount of training, working with hundreds of different Wordpress sites.

    Since leaving Blog Success (in 2011), I have been an independent Wordpress developer creating and maintaining hundreds more sites for my own clients.

    Contact me today to discuss your site.

    1. Gilma Englar

      From time to time we see issues where a particular plugin causes an issue with a site. When this happens, we remove the offending plugin and use an alternate.

    1. Gilma Englar

      Once you’ve purchased your gig, I’ll send you and email with the information I need. Basically, it’s the following

      1. Your website url
      2. Your WordPress (admin) username and password.
      3. Your Hosting URL, username and password
      4. Your FTP login

    1. Gilma Englar

      Yes, before we begin the optimization process, we make a full backup of your site. If you don’t already have a backup plugin installed, we will add one for you and make a full backup.

    1. Gilma Englar

      No! I will only be performing various optimizations. I also make a full backup of every site I work on, prior to starting. So, if (in the unlikely event) that something does go wrong, I can always restore the site, to it’s original state.

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