1. Corey Uihlein Answer

    I found that guy: I will turn your abandon carts into sales with a messenger chatbot ( $500 )

    Want to increase Return on Ad Spend and Revenue?

    Messenger Marketing is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years

    As a marketing channel it boasts better engagement than any other channel out there!

    If you have an e-commerce store, get traffic, make sales and have a Facebook Ad account then you’re in a perfect position to leverage Facebook Messenger to reclaim lost revenue and improve ROAS.

    Work with us; an official Facebook Messenger Development Provider and marketing agency

    What we will do
    1. Build your coupon Messenger chatbot
    2. Develop on-brand conversation design
    3. Deliver exceptional advice & support

    What you get
    Personalized Coupon Messenger Chatbot includes:

    1. Click-To Messenger ad guide + templates
    2. Welcome opt-in Flow
    3. Cart CTA + Coupon Delivery
    4. Unclaimed Coupon Followup Sequence
    5. Product Followup Sequence
    6. ROAS Report Template

    How it works
    1. Retargets custom audiences on FB
    2. Ad offers discount
    3. Customer redeems coupon in bot
    4. Bot engages & converts

    This system delivers $$$ in extra revenue

    See how with our Revenue Calculator https://goo.gl/C9vgRN


    Want more revenue, better ROAS, happier customers?

    Start today

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Yes, buyers require a Facebook Ad Campaign with a recommended with over 50 abandon cartscheckouts per month.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Foster Labs is a 100% Facebook Messenger development and marketing agency and an official Facebook Messenger development provider based in Australia. We bring to Fiverr Pro customers two years of building and learning on Messenger high impact gigs that move business metrics.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      The platform for this gig is ManyChat. We like ManyChat because it’s a best of breed platform for designed for Messenger Marketing. Pricing starts at $10 per month.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Fees are paid directly to Manychat and Ad expenses paid directly to Facebook. We are paid by Fiverr after you purchase. If you’d like to see a break down of costs in relation to revenue try out our Revenue calculator https://goo.gl/C9vgRN

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Buy the gig and answer the requirement questions. We’ll be in touch to clarify any questions. Due to permissions we need you to create the ManyChat account and give us access. Don’t worry we’ll provide a walk through to do it. We’ll get started building the bot and you start on the Facebook Ad.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      No-one knows when the ban will be lifted. It could be today or two weeks. We do know it will happen. If you have an existing page connected to ManyChat we can still build your bot and transfer it over. Otherwise, get a head start and let us build your bot now and transfer when the ban is removed.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Basic and Standard package buyers gain access to our performance reporting template to complete.

      Premium package buyer receive the performance reporting template and 4 weekly reports completed by us.

    1. Corey Uihlein

      Customers will have follow up questions in Facebook Messenger about the product. We recommend you have a customer support person in Messenger to handle objections, up-sell and provide customer support to improve the performance of the campaign.

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