1. Robin Holaday Answer

    I found that guy: I will illustrate an amazing children book

    I am an experienced and well known children's illustrator based in Argentina.  I've worked with  imprints to bring manuscripts to life!  

    To start off your project, I'll create character studies and thumbnail sketches based on your manuscript and other provided info.  Then I'll create rough sketches.  At this stage you'll be able to provide feedback that I will incorporate into more refined sketches. Once the refined sketches are approved we'll start working on final illustrations.  Since I use to paint in Photoshop, I have the ability to tweak the artwork even in this final stage.

    Once the illustrations have been approved, I'll deliver high res 300 dpi files in CMYK format with the specified bleed included.

    I'm excited to work with you to bring your next picture book project to life!

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