1. Mazie Klas Answer

    I found that guy: I will illustrate any cover for you ( $250 )

    I will create a custom cover illustration according your needs. It's a great way to visualize complex information or enhance a story.

    Write me a personal message and we can discuss your ideas to find the best solution for you.
    My goal is to achieve the best quality of work possible and build good lasting relationships with my clients. 

    Im looking forward to hear from you!

    Please send me a message before placing an order to discuss your needs and preferences
    Price above for reference how I work. Price can vary base on your requirement of illustration.
    1. Mazie Klas

      For a specific style we need to discuss, to have a look at some reference images and then I’m able to draw in any kind of style.

    1. Mazie Klas

      1. First we discuss what kind of image you want to make. 2. I then do a rough sketch to give you an idea about what the finished artwork will look like 3. After you have approved the sketch I do a draft. 4. I do any changes you might have and deliver the final artwork

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