1. Harlan Vetrano Answer

    I found that guy: I will vastly improve your web copy ( $250 )

    Is your web page performance pretty blah? It's likely that your web copy is confusing, incomplete or just plain boring. I'll take your existing web copy from "meh" to "wow!" by clarifying your offerings and giving your copy some personality.

    I'll rewrite your web copy to help convert casual audience members into loyal customers.

    My process includes:
    • Helping you define your goals
    • Helping you craft a creative brief (if needed)
    • Research (depending on package)
    • Revision rounds (depending on package)

    I try to make sure my clients are as delighted with the process of working with me as they are with  the final result. Put your web copy in the hands of a proven professional. 

    I'm also a certified content marketer through Copyblogger.com. By hiring me, you're not just getting story for story's sake, you're getting the right story for your audience so you can meet your business goals.

    *Note: This gig does not cover rewriting of sales or landing pages. That's a bigger deal! Please contact me for a custom quote.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions prior to ordering.
    1. Harlan Vetrano

      I’ll happily write a second draft based on your feedback. (Some packages include revision rounds, if you’ve ordered a “basic” post, you’d be charged extra for the revision round.)

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