1. Lucila Aherns Answer

    I found that guy: I will visualize your excel map data on a heat map ( $100 )

    Have you ever been sitting in meetings with large Excel sheets and did not know where to focus first? In certain situations, a plain Excel table just doesn't do it anymore.

    I am an Excel and visualization veteran with 10+ years of corporate and consulting experience and I can help you to convince your audience to better understand your data, whether for marketing, sales pitches, controlling, or even for the decision-making process in the top managementWith a visual (heat) map, you are able to support an informed decision-making process for your business.

    The privacy of your data is fully protected as my tools work 100% offline as a stand alone version in your work environment. You do not need to upload any data to the internet or a cloud.

    Scope of this gig:
    • Silver: one powerpoint heatmap as a vector graphic
    • Gold: Excel model with the possibility to enter and visualize data yourself
    • Platinum: same Excel model with possibility for Powerpoint Export and custom coloring / logo integration

    Please click on the green button and Contact me first to discuss the scope of your project. Please have a look at the examples in the gig gallery to get a first idea.
    1. Lucila Aherns

      After we have agreed on the region you would like to map, I will send you a template where you can enter your data. I will then create a powerpoint heat map of your data and supply you that powerpoint file of the underlying, editable Excel model backing the process.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      Data visualization is a trending topic in recent years as we collect and analyze more and more data. Geographic Heat Maps provide a very useful technique for visualizing data associated with geographical areas such as countries, states, ZIP code areas and cities.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      Sure, just get in touch and let’s discuss the purpose for which you need a template / tool, and I will see if I have something fitting in my portfolio.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      I do. When you or your employees need coaching or encounter a problem while using the heatmap or the tool, I am happy to assist you in a short call with screen sharing, to virtually look over your shoulder and help you out.

      Please note that Coaching and support services are part of an extra gig.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      Being a PRO seller means that I am a hand-vetted professional and field expert seller here on Fiverr. PRO statuses are given through a rigorous application and screening process and are only assigned to sellers who have mastered their craft.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      I have 10+ Years of experience in Excel and mapping data, and have previously worked as a controller, business consultant and project manager. Apart from that, I have consulted companies of all sizes across all industries with various Excel and mapping tasks.

    1. Lucila Aherns

      I sure am. Having spent a year in the United States and having two former english-speaking superiors, my english skills are really good.

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